Queplix and First Hosted Partner to Deliver Automated Data Integration Solution in United Kingdom

First Hosted Ltd. has joined the QueplixAdvantage partner program and will participate as a value added reseller for QueCloud in the United Kingdom.

First Hosted, a NetSuite solutions provider, is adding QueCloud to its portfolio of software solutions to help customers integrate business applications.  QueCloud enables companies to securely integrate on-premise and cloud applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle applications.The increased business efficiency and reduced set-up costs provided by QueCloud will benefit users, particularly as they perform multiple integrations involving more than two applications, according to the companies.

"Up until now, companies such as those in third-party logistics, would have to pay consultants' fees spanning into many tens of thousands of dollars for integration with their customers' business platforms, such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP for example," says First Hosted managing director Andrew Peddie. "QueCloud is automated, quick to deploy and will easily configure common business applications such as Oracle and Salesforce with on-site applications and data like Google, PeopleSoft and SYBASE at a fraction of the typical cost. Adding QueCloud to our range of software solutions allows us to help customers avoid the pain, problems and high cost associated with conventional data integration."

"We are extremely pleased to partner with a U.K. distributor who has a real understanding of the best practices to cost-effectively integrate enterprise and cloud-based applications," says Mark Cashman, CEO of Queplix. "Our new relationship brings advantage for both organizations as cloud computing gains widespread adoption due to the operational and cost efficiencies it affords. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with First Hosted."

The partnership extends Queplix's presence into Europe and further advances delivery of its technology on a worldwide scale.

"The relationship with First Hosted further validates our advanced data virtualization technology - the horsepower behind our data integration and management solutions," adds Cashman. "We expect to see continued Advantage partner program participation and expansion as companies look to solve their data integration problems more effectively and efficiently. Value added resellers are a very important part of our strategy and we will continue to recruit the industry leaders on a global basis."