QuerySurge is Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

QuerySurge has announced that its enterprise data validation and testing solution is now on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing customers to take advantage of the Azure platform.   

"We are excited to release QuerySurge in the Azure marketplace as a pay-as-you-go solution," said Bill Hayduk, CEO of RTTS and leader of the QuerySurge software division. "Microsoft Azure solves some of the biggest challenges that our customers face—procuring the optimal environment with flexible scalability, full disaster recovery capabilities and enterprise-level security. And the new pay-as-you-go pricing, where customers pay only for what they use each month, provides great financial flexibility."

QuerySurge automates the data validation and testing of data warehouses, big data lakes, data migration projects, BI reports, and enterprise applications with full Azure DevOps functionality for continuous testing of customers' data pipeline.

QuerySurge now provides an extension for Azure DevOps, Microsoft's toolchain for developing and deploying software.

"The QuerySurge integration with Azure DevOps allows users to automate the data validation in their DevOps CI/CD pipelines," said Hayduk. "Implementing QuerySurge throughout the development cycle ensures that data changes, whether during data migrations from on-prem to the cloud or full in-cloud data warehouse testing, load as expected throughout the current DevOps cycle and corresponding releases."

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