Quest Releases Toad for Oracle 15.0

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security software provider, has announced major updates for Toad for Oracle, an intuitive database management toolset that makes it easy to perform essential database development and administration tasks. With version 15.0 generally available today, Toad for Oracle customers are now further empowered to reduce threats from cyber-attacks, with new rigorous and comprehensive secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) controls.

Toad for Oracle 15.0 provides enhanced desktop security and support for Oracle Database 21c. In addition, as a part of Quest’s ongoing commitment to expand its Toad SaaS portfolio, Toad for Oracle includes Xpert Plus Edition Subscription to add SQL performance tuning, database administration, and sensitive data protection. By upgrading Toad products, organizations can ensure continuous adherence to software security standards. Toad for Oracle customers also receive full technical support, to better keep organizational security profiles tight.

“Without a simple and effective way to optimize Oracle database workload consumption, especially in the cloud, applications will continue to run slower, and incidences of unplanned cloud spend will continue to rise,” said Venkat Rajai, vice president of product management, Quest Software Information Management Business. “As more companies leverage cloud services, Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus Subscription ensures there is a simple and effective way to identify and tune inefficient SQL that can contribute to excessive workload resource consumption and unplanned spend. Saving organizations priceless time, and money, as cloud complexity continues. And, as bad actors continue to proliferate across hybrid environments, they now have the means to identify and protect sensitive data from being exposed in order to meet regulatory compliance.”

Key features and user benefits of Toad for Oracle 15.0 are:

  • Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus Subscription: In addition to SQL Optimizer for automated SQL tuning to reduce Oracle database workload resource consumption, this subscription includes the DB Admin Module, that provides many database administration features and the Sensitive Data Protection Module, that helps ensure data privacy and maintain regulatory compliance. These two add-on modules are only available with this subscription offering.
  • Resiliency against cyber-attack: Toad for Oracle 15.0 follows rigorous and comprehensive SSDLC security controls prior to release to protect against vulnerabilities, malware and cyber-attacks.
  • Oracle 21c certification: As customers upgrade their databases to 21c, ensures Toad users can connect and work on this new database version, both on-premises and in the cloud.

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