Quest Software Acquires erwin, Inc.

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, has announced the acquisition of erwin, Inc.  The deal adds data modeling, data governance, and business process modeling solutions to the Quest portfolio, providing customers with end-to-end capabilities to better understand and govern data.

Quest purchased erwin, Inc. from California-based private equity firm, Parallax Capital Partners. The transaction closed on December 31, 2020. The terms were not disclosed.

erwin is joining Quest's Information Systems Management (ISM) business unit, which contains the database management, data protection, and unified endpoint management solutions, which feature brands such as Toad, Foglight, SharePlex, NetVault, and KACE. The ISM business unit focuses on helping companies manage, monitor, move, and protect data within their enterprises.

According to Quest, erwin's products address the increasingly important intersection between IT's needs to administer and govern enterprise data and the business users who leverage the data. As organizations transform to become increasingly data-driven and wrestle with regulatory compliance and other business drivers, the data ecosystem is becoming more complex. Quest's and erwin's products together help customers exploit enterprise data as a core asset to the business by providing infrastructure to manage and govern the data.

“Data-centric projects are rapidly accelerating across the enterprise. Together, Quest and erwin will continue to deliver database tools aimed at helping companies know their data, alleviating concerns about where and how their data is used,” said Patrick Nichols, CEO of Quest Software. “Quest’s focus on ‘Where next meets now’ drives every new capability we add to our products and each new investment. Quest was already dominant in database tooling and performance monitoring, and now by combining with erwin’s industry-leading data modeling, data intelligence, and Evolve products, this acquisition further establishes Quest as a major player in the enterprise data management market end-to-end.”

With erwin, Quest offers solutions across several crucial emerging technology categories:

Data modeling: The erwin Data Modeler streamlines big data application development by drawing on data from multiple data sources, structured and unstructured formats, and multiple systems. As companies take on more big data initiatives, data modeling simplifies the migration of legacy data to cloud data stores and data lakes.

Metadata management and data intelligence: The erwin Data Intelligence Suite locates and classifies data. It also identifies who is accessing data and which sensitive data requires extra care. A clear understanding of metadata informs data governance and ensures compliance with an increasing number of data use regulations.

Business process modeling: The erwin Evolve Suite aids regulatory and industry compliance and maps business systems that support the enterprise. Quest and erwin solutions drive business process transformation and systems implementation for large ERP, cloud, and other major technology deployments across the globe.

“More than 3,500 erwin customers have already realized the benefits of our enterprise data management experience to build a governed, sustainable pipeline for big data efforts,” said Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin, Inc. “Quest and erwin's products together provide a powerful solution for the digital transformation that today's enterprises require to stay competitive and address ever-growing concerns of stewardship and compliance. Thanks to metadata-driven automation, all stakeholders can discover, harvest, understand, govern, and socialize data assets to unleash more potential and greater value while mitigating risk.”

Data has never been more important to our customers than now added said Heath Thompson, president and general manager of Quest's ISM business unit. "Enterprise data initiatives bring new operational and governance needs, and Quest is now uniquely positioned to help customers address those needs before they become major challenges,” said Heath Thompson, president and general manager of Quest's ISM business unit. “With this acquisition, we will extend Quest's global reach to erwin customers, including our outstanding services and support, and Quest and erwin customers will both benefit from Quest’s ongoing investments and innovations in data management and data governance.”

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