Quest Software Adds Support for Apache Hive in Free NoSQL Tools

Quest Software has unveiled support for Apache Hive in its two free NoSQL tools, Toad for Cloud Databases and OraOop. Additional enhancements include Eclipse support in Toad for Cloud Databases, and full support for Oracle RAC in OraOop.

Toad for Cloud Databases, a tool that allows developers to query, migrate, browse, and edit non-relational data using a SQL interface, now provides a user-friendly interface to the Hive system. Additional NoSQL platforms already supported include Apache HBase, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft Azure Table Services, Microsoft SQL Azure, Apache Cassandra, and any ODBC-enabled relational database.

According to Quest, many working in Hadoop and other NoSQL databases prefer the Eclipse IDE, so Quest now offers both an Eclipse IDE plug-in, as well as a Microsoft Windows .NET client for the tool.

In addition, Quest has also added Hive support for OraOop, a connector for high-speed, scalable bi-directional data transfer between Oracle and Hadoop. Users can now export data to compressed Oracle tables and create Oracle tables based on the output of Hive HQL queries.

The new release of OraOop also leverages the power of Oracle RAC clustered databases, allowing users to import or export from RAC to Hadoop.  Users managing unstructured data with Hadoop often use it in conjunction with large Oracle RAC deployments, making the ability to efficiently move data between these two ‘big data' solutions critical.

According to Billy Bosworth, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Database, Quest Software, Quest is adding functionality and additional platform support for Toad for Cloud Databases and OraOop almost in tandem with new demands  it sees in the market. "Right now, we're seeing very strong adoption of the Hive system in conjunction with Hadoop, and we think the ability to store the output of Hive analytic queries in Oracle will benefit our customers by allowing them to integrate Hadoop data with traditional business intelligence solutions. We are excited to keep bringing to market the kind of innovation that underscores our commitment to enabling NoSQL adoption within the enterprise."

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 For more information about Toad for cloud and to download the freeware, go to

OraOop is available as a freeware download at, and as a supported component of Cloudera Enterprise.