Quest Software Announces Data Protection Platform

Quest Software unveiled NetVault Extended Architecture (XA), a platform unifying its data protection technologies, and enabling organizations to align backup and recovery directly to their service continuity needs.

NetVault XA enables administrators to organize, schedule, view, and manage backups based on specific business and technology services. This gives them the ability to set specific recovery time and recovery point objectives for each.

“The changing requirements of the modern business are forcing IT to shift from an infrastructure-centric view of backup and recovery to a services-centric view,” says Walter Angerer, senior vice president and general manager of data protection for Quest Software. The emphasis is on “protecting mission-critical applications and databases, regardless of whether they reside in physical, virtual or cloud environments. With NetVault Extended Architecture, IT can finally ensure their backup and recovery operations are aligned with the service continuity needs of the organization.”

In addition, NetVault XA enables IT to move beyond the single-pane-of-glass approach to backup by delivering a customized experience for administrators across multiple roles. NetVault XA gives specialists such as DBAs, application administrators, and VMware administrators access to customized views and workflows that map directly to the specific SLAs associated with each role.

With NetVault XA, administrators have direct visibility into the recoverability of the specific IT services they are responsible for managing, and are able to leverage specialized data protection tools to perform granular, platform-specific backup and recovery tasks – all without sacrificing the convenience and simplicity of single-console management.

NetVault XA also features additional capabilities designed to simplify backup and recovery, including an intelligent and adaptive policy engine that enforces specific data protection controls and requirements. Built-in validation of a given protection plan through alerts that proactively let users know whether or not an SLA is achievable based on the established backup and recovery parameters. In addition, unified management of on-premise and cloud assets. The ability to act as a gateway to multi-vendor clouds enables users to manage both on-premise and cloud assets from a single interface.

NetVault Extended Architecture will serve as the centerpiece of Quest’s data protection solution, enabling customers to deploy and manage all of the company’s backup and recovery technologies – including the NetVault, vRanger, LiteSpeed and Recovery Manager product families – from a single console, while leveraging a host of shared services including deduplication; cloud gateway; and a common scheduler, catalog, policy manager, and reporting engine.

All of Quest’s current data protection products, as well as future releases, will snap into the NetVault XA management console. The first iteration of NetVault XA will be generally available in the second half of 2012, and will be incorporated into the planned releases of NetVault Backup, NetVault SmartDisk, and vRanger.

More information is available at the Quest Software website at