Quest Software Announces Open Betas for Toad for Oracle 10 and DSP for Oracle

Quest Software recently announced the forthcoming release of Toad for Oracle version 10, the de-facto standard tool for Oracle database development and administration. Toad for Oracle 10 will offer new functionality enhancements that the Toad community has been asking for, providing improved productivity, better database manageability and easier access to educational resources. Toad for Oracle 10 is the culmination of suggestions gathered from the Toad community's "wish list," incorporating many enhancements in the areas of usability, automation, education, and flexibility.

"The four key areas of focus for the version 10 release are usability, automation, education, and flexibility," John Pocknell, product manager for Toad for Oracle, Quest Software tells 5 Minute. "Usability includes enhanced development best practices functionality through a new schema ER (entity relationship) diagram reporting window, and greater usability with an enhanced graphical interface utilizing new data grids and Unicode support. Automation includes the ability to perform multiple tasks between multiple instances, education includes direct access to Toad community resources in Toad World so that users can quickly gain the knowledge they need, and flexibility has been enhanced with a single console to manage server, database and schema compare and synchronization."

In a separate announcement, Quest Software also unveiled the open beta program for its new tool for Oracle developers working within Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010. This tool-the Database Schema Provider (DSP) for Oracle-enables Oracle developers to work from right within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.

Toad for Oracle 10 is expected to be released in October 2009, however anyone interested in test-driving the new release is invited to download the beta now. Users must join the Toad for Oracle beta program to experiment with Toad's new features.

After downloading the Toad for Oracle 10 beta, testers are encouraged to visit the Toad World community web site, where they can participate in discussions about Toad 10 and access additional information about the new release. For more information, go here.

The Quest beta for DSP for Oracle is available for download.