Quest Software Boosts Security Features for KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

Quest Software, a global systems management provider, is introducing new feature updates for KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM), enhancing security capabilities.

“As more and more employees continue to bring their personal devices to work, the attack surface for threats to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices will only continue to grow,” said Jody Evans, product manager, KACE Cloud MDM. “That’s why gaining visibility over all the mobile devices that interact with your business network through MDM is so crucial, especially as cybercriminals increasingly target human vulnerabilities.”

KACE Cloud MDM now features new location tracking capabilities that make it simple to track any lost or stolen device, increasing the odds of fast recovery and minimizing unwanted fraudulent access.

These new location tracking features now included in KACE Cloud MDM empower IT administrators to easily monitor and maintain mobile device inventory across the business, collect real-time location information from each business user, enable or disable a device, set compliance parameters, link or display the company’s data privacy policy, and provide a complete location history of all devices.

Additional features/user benefits now available with the newest release of KACE Cloud MDM include:

  • New “Kiosk Mode” for Android devices allows administrators to lock down a device and limit activity to a specific application or task
  • New “Disallowed Apps” feature brings blacklisting parity to the Android platform by providing administrators the ability to allow specific apps to be blocked on Android devices
  • New “FileVault Encryption Support” enables admins to easily manage macOS systems with the ability to include MDM inventory within the FileVault recovery keys that were created during the disk encryption setup process for secure inventory.
  • New “DEP Multi-Server Capabilities” supports multiple DEP accounts within a customer’s MDM tenant. A default DEP profile can then be set for each device type that were applied within Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

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