Quest Software Extends Business Intelligence Monitoring Capabilities to SQL Server Portfolio

Quest Software announced two significant product releases in the SQL Server performance management space at PASS Summit last week in Seattle. The latest release of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, Quest's monitoring and diagnostics tool, now featuring business intelligence monitoring, coupled with the debut of Foglight for SQL Server, enables database administrators to proactively detect, diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance issues.

According to Quest, as organizations implement more of SQL Server's BI capabilities, they are finding that their traditional monitoring techniques do not handle the underlying BI subsystems, such as SQL Server Analysis Services. Featuring fully integrated monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for SSAS, Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise v. 6.0 provides DBAs with a wealth of data on Analysis Services performance and processing in an easy-to-understand graphical representation of SSAS architecture. "We are really excited to be able to give DBAs visibility into that, in addition into the SQL Server relational engine and the Windows information that we have always collected in the same interface," Ari Weil, product manager, SQL Server performance products, Quest Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We make it really easy for people to get all the information they need in one place. The theme of the release is simplicity and scalability."

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise also offers automated CPU diagnosis, which affords users detailed visibility into CPU conditions from both SQL Server and Windows perspectives within a single location, empowering database and systems administrators to troubleshoot issues collaboratively. With new automated diagnostic capabilities, notes Weil, "DBAs really can, in a single click, have in this release their CPU problems diagnosed all the way down to the root cause without them having to do anything themselves." The new version also integrates direct links to Quest's SQLServerPedia portal from dashboard, giving users access to detailed information on SQL Server performance issues via expert blogs, wiki posts, and video tutorials.

At the PASS Summit, Quest also introduced Foglight for SQL Server, a web-based monitoring and diagnostic solution based on the Foglight framework. Foglight for SQL Server offers remote monitoring with optimized collections, providing users with an out-of-the-box solution for monitoring their entire SQL Server infrastructure. By leveraging the power of Spotlight on SQL Server's data collection framework and metric presentation, Foglight for SQL Server includes built-in dashboards, workflows and alarms.

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