Quest Software Unveils Latest Version of SharePlex for Oracle

Quest Software, Inc. has unveiled the newest version of SharePlex for Oracle, a real-time Oracle-Oracle database replication solution that supports high availability, reporting, data synchronization/integration, and load balancing on Oracle databases. Key features introduced in the new version include wildcard support, batch processing, and configuration management enhancements to SharePlex's monitoring and management dashboard, SharePlex Manager. These new features bring benefits in the areas of ease-of-use, improved performance, task automation, and managing complex replication environments.

Amit Agarwal, director of product management and marketing for Quest's enterprise database business unit, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the wildcard support feature provides semantic rules for specifying objects and operations that should be replicated in large databases. It can be used to automate procedures such as adding new tables to replication definitions by adding tables by wildcard, eliminating the previously lengthy manual process of specifying tables to be added on an individual basis."

Agarwal also said that "the batch processing feature improves performance when needing to apply a large amount of replicated inserts/updates/deletes to a target database. When performing replication, SharePlex for Oracle monitors the transaction logs of source databases for new insert/update/delete transactions that need to be replicated to one or more target databases. Once captured, these new transactions are converted to SQL statements and applied to the target. Rather than processing each transaction replication separately, the batch processing capability takes the entire set of SQL statements and applies them to the target as one replication procedure. This results in a significant performance improvement because the updates to the target are applied much more rapidly."

The third main feature is the release of version 2.0 of SharePlex Manager for managing SharePlex installations through a graphical user interface with one central console. This offering, which is deployed with the product at no extra charge, gives replication administrators views into complex replication topologies, and enables them to monitor procedures in real-time to ensure optimal performance. SharePlex for Oracle 7.0 is now available and is priced on a per server basis. For more information on SharePlex for Oracle, go here.