Quest Unveils erwin Data Modeler 12.5, Propelling Greater Modernization and AI Model Support

Quest Software, a global leader in systems management, data protection, and security software, is announcing the launch of erwin Data Modeler by Quest 12.5—an update to the data management solution engineered to support strategic efforts such as large language model (LLM) development, data intelligence, and data platform modernization.

The latest iteration of the erwin Data Modeler addresses several existing challenges in the world of data-driven business, specifically that of maintaining mature data practices in modernization and successfully supporting LLM implementation.

“As part of Quest’s Data Empowerment offerings, our goal with erwin Data Modeler by Quest 12.5 is to deliver a release that enhances our customers’ ability to democratize data across their organization, assures that they trust the data they are using, and optimizes their ability to adopt and maintain a data landscape that is agile and adaptable,” said Danny Sandwell, senior solutions strategist at Quest Software. “This way, they can maximize the business impact of their data.”

By incorporating features for seamless data deployment and creating a foundation of data accuracy, erwin Data Modeler 12.5 enables enterprises to confidently take the next step in successful and enriched modernization, according to the company.

erwin Data Modeler 12.5 offers opportunities for greater stakeholder collaboration through its integration with ER360, an online collaboration platform. Not only does this empower data-driven decision making, it grants more accessible communication through enterprise glossaries that define business language associated with specific data sets. These effects unite to create better data literacy, data trust, and greater alignment across teams.

“The first thing we saw is the need to democratize data models for greater data driven insights and better business and data alignment,” said Sandwell. “To that end, erwin DM 12.5 allows teams to share data models and collaborate with business users for better business outcomes with ER360. They can also enrich models with business context in support of data literacy and ‘fit for use’ analysis with the Enterprise Modeling Glossary.”

This updated offering also features an integration with Databrick Unity Catalog, enabling users to implement widespread governance strategies. Users will be able to easily classify structured and unstructured data, define permissions, and surface performance issues. In addition, the offering now supports new updates from platforms such as Snowflake, Redshift-DB, MongoDB 5, Couchbase, DynamoDB, SQL 2022, and Google Big Query.

erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence also see closer intertwinement, where close collaboration invites thorough visibility of data assets. Additionally, this cooperative exchange enables users to deliver consistent data policies and best practices, ultimately increasing model quality and data operations efficiency.

Finally, erwin Data Modeler 12.5 empowers users to build and customize policies for documentation, verify data compliance, monitor metadata quality, and increase the accuracy of high-quality data models as well as make them easier (and faster) to maintain.

“Data modeling is a team sport that enhances the rigor and efficiency of a wide range of data management and governance activities within any organization,” explained Sandwell. “erwin DM 12.5 provides new data collaboration capabilities that enable all data stakeholders to work effectively together, providing valuable input and perspective to the process while simultaneously increasing their literacy and trust in the data sources they use every day.”

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