Quest Updates Toad Solutions with Data Preparation and Sharing Processes

Quest Software, a global systems management and security software provider, is making three new updates to the Toad product family, including Toad Edge v1.2, Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3.

The new release of Toad Edge simplifies the development and management of next-generation open source database platforms, with added support for MariaDB and MySQL instances running on Microsoft Azure.

Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3 feature several new capabilities designed to simplify and automate data preparation, visualization and provisioning for data analysts, regardless of data source or location, on premise or in the cloud. 

The newest release of Toad Edge v1.2 includes added support for multiple result sets and spatial data types. Support for MariaDB v10.1, in addition to MySQL instances running in Microsoft Azure, has also been added for greater platform flexibility.

The new Quest Toad capabilities deliver the self-service capabilities data analysts need for easy data preparation in secure and governed workflows – bridging the gap between IT teams and the business.

Featuring a re-architected pivot grid, expanded automation capabilities, and the ability to manage published items directly through a web browser, the enhanced Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3 make it even easier for analysts to prep and report on data across all of their database platforms and sources.

Key features and benefits for Toad Data Point v4.3 include a re-architected pivot grid provides a much simpler workflow that allows analysts the ability to add calculated columns; enhanced Excel export capabilities enable the user to export data directly to an Excel Pivot table on demand or with automated actions; and enhancements to dimensional viewer make it easier than ever to group, filter, aggregate, and pivot one query result set into multiple meaningful views.

Other features and benefits of Toad Intelligence Central 4.3 include web console-based editing, new administrative health check reporting, and cross-query enhancements.

Analysts, developers, and DBAs will benefit the most from these updates, according to Patrick O'Keeffe, executive director of software engineering at Quest.

“Customers who have business savvy technical users that are preparing data for the business users to do analytics on will benefit from this,” O’Keeffe said.

Moving forward Quest is going to expand support for other database platforms, and more.

“We’re pretty much driven by what our customers want to see next,” O’Keeffe said.

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