Quest and Intellitactics Offer New Model for Security as a Service

Quest, a technology VAR, and Intellitactics, a provider of appliances and software for enterprise security management, have announced an agreement whereby Quest will provide managed security services to mid-market customers utilizing a security appliance from Intellitactics. The appliance, known as Intellitactics SAFE, is a complete security solution that has out-of-the-box database connectivity, 1,400 pre-defined reports, and a complete suite of security monitoring software. In order to deliver the service, Quest will locate the Intellitactics SAFE appliance on the Client's premise and provide remote expertise to monitor logs and analyze security events for compliance and threat management.

Quest is offering this service because mid-market customers are finding themselves in a position where they don't have budget, expertise or time to maintain optimal operational security. Their resources are stretched as they face the challenges of responding to security events, maintaining compliance across multiple regulatory standards and meeting the needs of auditors and executives concerned with security. As a result they are turning to companies like Quest who have both the expertise and the ability to provide them with these solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Quest has been a technology management company for over 25 years and offers technology products and professional and managed services in areas such as security, wireless, and disaster recovery, either on-premise at the customer's site or from its secure data centers.

In order to deliver this new security service, Quest is utilizing the SAFE appliance from Intellitactics, which allows Quest to manage multiple clients from a single console regardless of where the security data collection resides. The appliance is an optimal product to enable this new managed service because it offers simplicity of deployment, ability to collect logs from anything located anywhere without intrusive agents, a dashboard which Quest can configure and share with clients to provide status on compliance or user access or network security posture - strengthening relationship and collaborating in the event of a security incident.

Regarding the collaboration between Quest and its clients to resolve security issues, Pam Casale chief marketing officer of Intellitactics, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "Quest will receive security notifications and alerts from the Intellitactics SAFE appliance at the customer's site, perform analysis and look for correlations, provide rapid feedback to the client on premise, and thereby enable the client to accelerate the response and fix of the security issue. This collaborative resolution of the problem is much more effective than if the client must wait for someone from Quest to arrive on-site to troubleshoot the problem."

For more information about Quest, go here. For more information about Intellitactics, go here.