Qumulo Expands Cloud Portfolio and Updates Solutions

Qumulo, a provider of hybrid cloud file storage, is expanding its cloud portfolio by including the two new products Qumulo CloudStudio and Qumulo CloudContinuity.  

Media and entertainment organizations of any size can scale production into the public cloud with Qumulo CloudStudio.

CloudStudio securely moves traditionally on-prem workspaces, including desktops, applications, and data, to the public cloud on both the AWS and GCP platforms.

CloudStudio can also help in the production of corporate video by allowing enterprises with in-house studios to leverage the power of the cloud. These businesses can gain efficiencies and cost savings by moving the data associated with developing and editing training videos, webinars, and other content services to the cloud.

Additionally, Qumulo has partnered with Google to support Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file system on GCP and on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. Enterprises will be able to take advantage of the elastic compute resources, operational agility, and advanced services that Google’s public cloud offers.

With the addition of the Google Cloud Platform, Qumulo is able to provide multicloud platform support, making it easy for users to store, manage, and access their data, workloads and applications in both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GCP. Qumulo also enables data replication between clouds for migration or multi-copy requirements.

Organizations need to ensure they have strategies in place for ongoing continuity of operations. Whether planning for a technology migration to the cloud, preparing for disaster recovery, or recovering lost files, Qumulo CloudContinuity makes these efforts easier.

This new offering enables users to have their data where they need it, when they need it.

Users can automatically replicate their data from an on-prem Qumulo cluster to a Qumulo instance running in the cloud. Should a primary on-prem storage system experience a catastrophic failure, customers can redirect users and applications to the Qumulo cloud instance where they will have access to all of their data immediately.

“The cloud enables enterprises across all industries to unlock business opportunities by bringing agility and responsiveness to their organizations,” said Bill Richter, president and CEO, Qumulo. “Lifting workloads and data to the public cloud allows customers to better collaborate and manage data across regions, and across the world. Qumulo’s mission from day one has been to help our customers unleash the power of their file data, whether it is on-prem or in the cloud.”

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