Qumulo Launches Affordable and Scalable ‘Cold’ File Data Storage

Qumulo, the simple way to manage exabyte-scale data anywhere, is debuting Azure Native Qumulo Cold (ANQ Cold), a cloud-native service for managing and storing “cold” file data at any scale with cost effectiveness at the forefront.

ANQ Cold, as part of Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere platform for the hybrid enterprise, offers a cost-effective cloud solution for storing large quantities of rarely accessed file data from legacy NAS archive storage to tape archives. Priced at $0.009 per GB per month, ANQ Cold is up to 90% less expensive than other cloud file storage services, according to Qumulo.

“ANQ Cold is an industry game changer for economically storing and retrieving cold file data,” said Ryan Farris, VP of product at Qumulo. “To put this in perspective with a common use case, hospital IT administrators in charge of PACS archival data can use ANQ Cold for the long-term retention of DICOM images at a fraction of their current on-premises legacy NAS costs, while still being able to instantly retrieve over 200,000 DICOM images per month without extra data retrieval charges common to native cloud services.”

Featuring rapid deployment from directly within the Azure portal interface, service instances that can scale to an exabyte-level in a single namespace, and Azure’s 11 nines data durability, ANQ Cold can be leveraged as a:

  • Stand-alone file service
  • Backup target for any file store, including on-prem legacy scale-out NAS
  • Robust, secure copy of critical data in the event of ransomware attacks

ANQ Cold offers cloud elasticity, delivering on-demand performance of a production primary tier with near-zero data recovery time. Offering a variety of benefits, including its high availability and seamless business continuity, ANQ Cold customers pay only for the capacity consumed.

“With ANQ Cold, we offer enterprises a compelling solution to protect against ransomware,” said Kiran Bhageshpur, CTO at Qumulo. “In combination with our cryptographically signed snapshots, customers can create an instantly accessible ‘daily golden’ copy of their on-premises NAS data, Qumulo, or legacy scale-out NAS storage. There is simply no other solution that is as affordable on an on-going basis while also allowing customers to recover to a known good state and resume operations as quickly as with ANQ Cold.”

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