RDX Expands Online Marketplace for Oracle

RDX, an independent provider of managed database and cloud services, is expanding its clckwrk Ltd., an RDX company, to provide more Oracle-database-to-AWS-Cloud migration tools.

Clckwrk is an online marketplace for Oracle-database-to-AWS-Cloud migration tools. With a range of pre-configured images optimized to run on AWS and used in deployments across hundreds of customers, organizations can save time and money when moving their on-premise Oracle environments to the AWS cloud.

With these images, which can be purchased on the AWS marketplace, companies of all sizes can launch new database workloads or migrate from on-premise to the cloud using existing licenses.

clckwrk recently expanded the marketplace to offer more than 100 images, which can be used to  provision virtual servers, or instances, running databases on AWS, allowing busy IT staffs to accelerate their cloud migration projects.

The images come pre-installed with documentation, and require no changes to a company’s existing support process. These tools empower the IT team to confidently take charge of their Oracle migration.

Recently, RDX announced the acquisitions of Clckwrk Limited, a London-based provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud migration, implementation and management services; and ClearDB, a cloud Database-as-a-Service provider.

With these acquisitions, the company has expanded its portfolio of services to accommodate a range of IT modernization initiatives, focused on helping organizations become more agile and resilient through the adoption of cloud environments for their enterprise databases and applications. 

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