RackSpace Cloud Sites Adds WordPress Installer

RackSpace has launched a WordPress CMS installer within its Cloud Sites control panel, providing customers with a faster and easier way to install WordPress on newly created sites.

RackSpace Cloud Sites is a professional shared hosting solution, providing a platform for hosting websites and blogs. “This is definitely a professional shared hosting solution, not to be confused with the bargain hosters,” Chris Spencer, a product manager at RackSpace, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The key tenets of the solution are “elasticity, redundancy and high availability, and fanatical support.”

The introduction of the WordPress CMS installer within the Cloud Sites control panel addresses an obvious need for Cloud Sites customers, says Spencer. “Roughly 20% of the sites we host use WordPress today. We wanted to enable our customers to have the ability to easily spin that up, instead of having to do the installation on their own – including transferring the files, unzipping them, changing the content of the config files, and so forth. Our installer effectively does that for them.”

Rather than integrating a third-party solution that was not tailor-made for Cloud Sites, Spencer says that RackSpace developed the WordPress installer on its own. “This gives our customer base a real custom fit for our Cloud Sites environment and we think it enables more capability because our customers can not only host to their primary URL, but they can also choose to host this on a test site if they choose.”

In the future, adds Spencer, Cloud Sites will be rolling out additional common CMS installers. “Our goal is to hit the bulk of the market first with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, and then consider other installation capabilities in the future.”

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