Rackspace Strengthens Enterprise-Class Features in ObjectRocket for MongoDB

Rackspace has added three key enhancements spanning data storage, security, and DR to the ObjectRocket offering for MongoDB to address requirements in mission-critical enterprise scenarios. 

ObjectRocket for MongoDB simplifies application development by offering pre-configured, high performance and highly available MongoDB instances in the cloud.

Support for WiredTiger

ObjectRocket’s MongoDB as a service now offers its support for both MMAP and WiredTiger, providing a key storage engine for businesses that need to support a variety of workloads with different access patterns and price or performance profiles.

WiredTiger “fundamentally changes the behavior of MongoDB” and expands the use cases for MongoDB, according to Chris Lalonde, CEO and co-founder of ObjectRocket, which was acquired by RackSpace in 2013. “The storage engine is the most important determinant of how Mongo behaves,” Lalonde  noted. According to the vendor, as additional storage engines are added over time, such as RocksDB, ObjectRocket will continue to support WiredTiger and MMAP.

Encryption at Rest

ObjectRocket is also adding support for encryption at rest, a key approach to keeping inactive data protected. Encryption at rest is favored by companies across the board to assure data security and compliance with data management mandates, said Lalonde, noting that the new capability makes ObjectRocket the only company that offers fully managed MongoDB with WiredTiger support and data encryption at rest. This new feature encrypts MongoDB servers and backups, while SSL provides transport security. Nowadays, all companies understand the need for data security, and data at rest encryption is increasingly being requested by mobile-centric organizations and organizations doing analytics processes for which they are joining datasets from multiple sources, Lalonde noted. 

Disaster Recovery

The ObjectRocket offering is also adding new disaster recovery capabilities to ensure that all recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives can be met, Kyle Hunter, product marketing manager for ObjectRocket solutions at Rackspace. The service provides engineers “on deck” to handle the full spectrum of requirements, including planning configuration, maintenance, and testing for failover and failback. The DR capability enables full geo-redundancy, said Lalonde, noting that there are particular challenges in replicating data with MongoDB that had to be overcome to enable data to be continuously up-to-date given the latency of networks across geographically dispersed data centers.

The database market is growing strongly and the biggest growth area is open source databases, said Lalonde. As services such as ObjectRocket's mature, they offer customers the ability to leverage these new database technologies without having to deal with the complexity so they can focus instead on their business instead of the intricacies of their IT systems.  Currently, said Lalonde, ObjectRocket provides database services for Redis, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, MySQL, and Cassandra, in addition to MongoDB.

For more information about ObjectRocket, go to, and read a blog post by Kyle Hunter.