Rackspace’s ObjectRocket Portfolio is Now MongoDB Certified

Rackspace’s ObjectRocket portfolio offering has been certified as a worldwide cloud provider of MongoDB, a leading open source general purpose database platform. With this certification, Rackspace has joined a select group of cloud providers to ensure end-to-end management and support for customers on current and future versions of MongoDB, with the ability to escalate bug fixes and support issues on their behalf.

With this certification, users of Rackspace’s ObjectRocket portfolio offering will continue to have seamless access to the latest MongoDB updates and features, backed by extensive database support.

“In a landscape where customers need the right tool at the right time, we are confident that MongoDB will continue to be a strong complement to our customers’ ever-expanding suite of database technologies,” said Stephen Nolan, ObjectRocket General Manager at Rackspace. “Managed MongoDB is a key aspect of our offering and area of growth for us, and we are thrilled to have forged a strong partnership and mutually beneficial relationship with MongoDB through this certification.”

New MongoDB features that are now supported on Rackspace’s ObjectRocket portfolio offering include multi-document ACID transactions, aggregation pipeline type conversions, non-blocking secondary reads, extensions to change streams, and 40% faster data migrations.

With the release of MongoDB 4.2, Rackspace customers will soon be able to take advantage of distributed transactions, client-side field level encryption, wildcard indexes and on-demand materialized views.

These new capabilities are just the latest in Rackspace’s portfolio as the company continues to accelerate the value of the cloud for its customers.

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