RadiantOne VDS 6 by Radiant Logic Provides Federated Identity Service

Radiant Logic, provider of identity virtualization services, has released a federated identity service, RadiantOne VDS 6. The product provides a single access point for enterprise identities, enabling authentication and authorization across multiple identity sources and authentication protocols. Authorized for the cloud and federations in high-volume, heterogeneous environments, VDS 6 supports single sign-on (SSO) access control.

RadiantOne VDS 6 is able to authenticate and authorize internal, external, and mobile users across multiple security protocols, identity stores, and usage patterns. Its feature-rich toolkit includes identity remapping, aggregation, correlation, and automated synchronization code to link identity sources to the global hub. “Our value proposition lies in taking the mess that most of these enterprises have and rationalizing it and exposing it in a secure way to all of these different applications - effectively, allowing the enterprise to become an identity provider for all of the initiatives that require identity,” explains Dieter Schuller, Radiant Logic’s vice president of sales and business development.

Radiant Logic has simplified its product with the release of VDS 6 by introducing a collection of wizards to create a global identification system, including a federated identity wizard, group builder wizard, a groups migration wizard, and a directory merge tree wizard. “We’ve taken the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the last ten years and turned it into a series of wizards that take the user through this step by step,” Schuller tells 5 Minute Briefing. “You cannot enable your new business initiatives without making sense out of what you have on-premise in terms of your identity infrastructure. 

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