Radix IoT Releases Mango 5.1 with New MQTT Publisher Support 

Radix IoT, LLC is releasing enhanced MQTT support in Mango 5.1, fortifying the company’s market leadership as the IoT platform of choice for advanced scalability and monitoring of globally diverse facilities. 

Building on MQTT’s wide adoption as an open-source protocol for data exchange and communication between IoT devices, Mango 5.1 reduces bandwidth usage to enhance the IoT system’s resilience, performance, and reliability with unprecedented scalability options, according to the company.

“With Mango 5.1’s enhanced MQTT publishing support, owners, operators, and managers of smart infrastructure can use MQTT easily with existing devices in their portfolio that communicate on any of the other 21 protocols Mango supports. This allows for thousands of more devices and integrations to meet the needs of smart buildings, telecommunications infrastructure, data centers, as well as the energy sector,” said Michael Skurla, chief product officer/co-founder at Radix IoT, LLC.

Mango 5.1 also includes some minor enhancements based on customers’ requests which include:

  • Full MQTT Publishing Support for MQTT v3.1.1 and v5.0 includes payload format indicator, content type, message expiry interval, correlation data, and user properties that initiate customizable ‘MQTT on your own terms’ as the industry’s go-to monitoring and management platform.
  • Event Suppression Persistence allows for optional event suppression, or persistence, on Mango restarts while also being able to deactivate events when a data point or data source is disabled.
  • Maintenance Events support by Watchlist supports Maintenance Events creation by a watchlist–including a redesign of the Maintenance Events screen.
  • Expanded Device Integration across 40+ protocols, free of vendor lock, includes simple deployment upgrades.
  • Browser compliance and security updates. 

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