RainStor 6 Adds Archive Application for Hadoop 2.0

RainStor has added an archive application for Hadoop 2.0 with its latest release, RainStor 6.  Organizations can deploy an archive when they have rapidly growing data that needs to be retained for ongoing business queries or when governance rules mandate that data be online and fully accessible for specific timeframes. 

Building on RainStor’s existing interactive SQL-on-Hadoop stack, the new archive application features XQuery for hierarchical data and documents, and extends analytics support to SQL 2003.

Certified on Hortonworks 2.1 and Cloudera 5, RainStor integrates with YARN, or MapReduce 2.0, to ensure synergy in managing resources across a busy Hadoop cluster. From a cluster monitoring perspective, RainStor integrates with Apache Ambari, also provides connectivity through HCatalog, the de facto interface to relational data, offering users increased flexibility in selecting the tools that best fit their needs.

With the new Archive app, users gain enterprise-grade control of the data in Hadoop, through data management lifecycle features for retention and expiry. With a rules-based workflow they can specify a record or groups of records to keep or delete, as they are loaded, allowing them to adhere to data governance practices.

“RainStor has been delivering analytical archive solutions to the world’s largest enterprises for a decade, and with RainStor 6, you can now take advantage of those capabilities running on Hadoop 2.0,” said Mark Cusack, Chief Architect at RainStor.

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