RainStor and Dell Deliver Solutions for Big Data Retention

Dell says it will resell RainStor's specialized data retention database to support solutions such as application retirement and retention of machine-generated data. RainStor, a data storage infrastructure software company, designs and sells technology that enables data to be de-duplicated and compressed, while still accessible online through standard SQL language and BI tools.

The combination of Dell servers and storage with RainStor delivers a more cost-effective way to retain large and growing volumes of historical data, the companies say in a joint statement. RainStor's data reduction capabilities and universal on demand access enables thousands of applications to be quickly retired, freeing up expensive ongoing hardware, software and people costs typically associated with managing legacy applications.

"The RainStor-Dell solution combines the object storage capabilities of the Dell DX with RainStor's online data retention (OLDR) repository," Ramon Chen, vice president of product management at RainStor, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Customers will be able to use the solution across a wide variety of initiatives such as application retirement and "extreme ingestion" and retention of extreme volumes of machine-generated data in sectors such as telecommunications, financial services and utilities.

The solution also leverages Dell's Object Storage Platform DX server to store documents, images, video, and email, notes Chen. "The result is a single platform that can retain both unstructured and structured data at the lowest TCO."

Dell's DX platform is designed to meet data management and retention requirements through an automated, policy-based retention and deletion platform, and is said to scale to store billions of files or petabytes of information. Coupled with RainStor, the combined package provides a unified archiving solution, the vendors say.

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