Rapid-I Releases RapidMiner 5.3 Featuring Greater Analytics, More Data Sources, and a New Marketplace

Rapid-I, a provider of open source predictive analytics, data mining, and text mining solutions, has released RapidMiner 5.3. This solution features data integration, ETL, data analysis, and reporting in a single application, with a drag and drop visual environment for designing and deploying customized analytical processes. 

RapidMiner 5.3 contains over 100 performance, usability and stability improvements, as well as more powerful data analysis operators and access to popular data sources including Microsoft Excell 2007 and SAS. “In our most recent release we have added full integration with our marketplace. People can search and discover new extensions and install them straight from the application without having to go a web browser, download it, and manually install it,” Giuseppe Taibi, CEO of Rapid-I, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Popular extensions include text and web mining, imagine mining and recommenders. Rapid-I Marketplace enables developers to reach the large and growing community of RapidMiner customers. Developers can offer free extensions or determine a fee. “Developers who decide to monetize can do so; we have a split of 70% of revenues go to developers and 30% stays with RapidMiner,” Taibi explains.

Other new features in RapidMiner 5.3 include more than 20 new functions for analysis and data handling, including new aggregation functions. File operators allow users to move, rename, copy, and delete files, as well as create directories, directly from RapidMiner. A macro viewer shows macros and their values in real time during process execution for improved debugging.  “It makes the whole idea of working with data much more enjoyable because the productivity gains are so much higher compared with programming. Once people learn how to use RapidMiner, which is fairly straightforward, they tend to stick with it and share with their colleagues,” says Taibi.

RapidMiner 5.3 is available now. Visit for more information.