RapidMiner Creates Self-Service Analytics for Hadoop

RapidMiner, a provider of an analytics platform, is releasing self-service analytics for Hadoop. 

 RapidMiner offers a solution that accelerates time to value for building and deploying advanced analytic models with numerous types of data.The open source software has a community of over 250,000 users.  This community and the information they provide is called the “Wisdom of Crowds.” RapidMiner sorts through the top recommendations that the community comes up with, and these recommendations are then offered up to the user through the program. This allows for users to have numerous different types of current predictive models.

“Our value is around accelerating time to value for our customers. We do this through pre-built models which we call accelerators,” stated Michele Chambers, president and COO at RapidMiner. Accelerators are use cases that are encapsulated and personalized for a user’s data. According to Chambers, it can take anywhere from 3 months to 36 months to move a predictive model into a production environment. “With RapidMiner it literally is one click and it is moved into a production environment,” she said.

Many analytic vendors extract data from Hadoop which causes complexities and bottlenecks. RapidMiner pushes the computation of more than 250 machine learning models directly to the data in the cluster, making it easy to deploy powerful predictive analytics into production inside Hadoop.

RapidMiner is the only code-free advanced analytics platform available commercially that can execute analytical processes in-memory, in-Hadoop, in-Cloud, in-Stream and in-database.

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