Raytheon Purchases Trusted Computer Solutions

Raytheon, a provider of Infrastructure security solutions, announced it has acquired Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), a privately held company that delivers a portfolio of cross-domain, operating system and network security solutions.

The acquisition is Raytheon's seventh transaction related to the cybersecurity market since 2007. Founded in 1994, TCS provides cross-domain and cybersecurity software and services that enable organizations to manage and share information securely across multiple classification levels and domains. Products include the SecureOffice suite of cross-domain solutions that enable the secure transfer and sharing of information across networks of different classification levels; Security Blanket, an automated operating system lock-down and management tool; and CounterStorm, a behavioral, statistical and content-based anomaly detection system that rapidly identifies targeted and zero-day attacks.

The merged company will now be known as Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions and be integrated into Raytheon's Intelligence and Information Systems (IIS) business within the Information Security Solutions product line.

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