Real-Time Fraud Analytics Provider Argyle Data Partners with Hortonworks

Real-time fraud analytics provider Argyle Data is partnering with Hortonworks, a contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop. According to the vendors, this will allow Argyle's clients to simply roll out Hadoop native fraud analytics applications based on the latest machine learning technology.

"Argyle Data's proprietary technology, built on Hadoop, is providing the data platform for real-time fraud detection that would be technically or economically infeasible using relational databases or in-memory systems," said Arshak Navruzyan, vice president, Products, Argyle Data.

By joining the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program, Argyle says it can rely on Hadoop to help strengthen its ability to drive and lead efforts related to advanced analytics and emerging technologies, including petabyte-scale data storage, machine learning and deep-packet inspection (DPI).

The Hortonworks Data Platform was built by the core architects, builders and operators of Apache Hadoop and includes components to manage a cluster at scale, through Apache Ambari, and identify business insights from big data sources. This technology helps make more informed business decisions, a critical part of Argyle's mission to detect, disrupt, and prevent fraud

"Effective fraud detection needs access to the most recent data as well as full historical context. This requires real-time petabyte-scale dataset queries to reconstruct a sequence of events, potentially spanning months or years that a machine learning model can automatically flag as fraud,” said Navruzyan. “Hortonworks’ support of Accumulo is critical to making this happen for large enterprise and carrier rollouts."

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