Red Gate's SQL Server Tools Support SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Red Gate has announced that its SQL Server development tools now support SQL Server on Amazon RDS, the latest cloud-based database offering from Amazon. In addition, the company says, its SQL Developer Bundle  also supports Amazon RDS, enabling users to continue to compare, manage, and deploy their schemas and data with their regular tools, even when they are moving between RDS and other SQL Server instances.

"We're really excited about SQL Server running on Amazon RDS," says Ben Rees, Red Gate's head of product marketing. "It's a great offering for database developers who want to use native SQL Server in the cloud."

Visit the SQL Developer Bundle pages for more information on Red Gate's Developer Bundle, which contains 12 SQL development tools that support SQL Server on Amazon RDS.

In related news, Red Gate will be hosting a live discussion between Oracle Ace Director Jonathan Lewis and Microsoft SQL Server MVP Grant Fritchey on Oracle Heap Tables versus SQL Server Clustered Indexes.  

Oracle and SQL Server may both share a common language, but certain things are handled quite differently. Lewis is used to seeing heap tables (almost) everywhere, but Fritchey is used to seeing clustered indexes (almost) everywhere. The question is: Which arrangement performs better? And is comparative performance even the right thing to measure?

In this live discussion, these two heavyweights in their respective technology areas will debate the pros and cons of Oracle Heap Tables and SQL Clustered Indexes. Go here to register your place.