Red Hat Introduces Data Resilience for Kubernetes with Latest OpenShift Update

Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source solutions, is offering new data resilience capabilities for cloud-native workloads with the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.6.

This offering from Red Hat Data Services enables customers to extend their existing data protection solutions and infrastructure to enhance data resilience for cloud-native workloads across hybrid and multicloud environments, according to the vendor.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.6 helps enterprises expand their existing data protection capabilities to include Kubernetes applications, without requiring additional technology or infrastructure upgrades.

Tightly integrated with Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.6 delivers enhanced data resilience features, including:        

  • Snapshot functionality orchestrated by the Container Storage Interface (CSI) for customizable, point-in-time snapshots and clones of persistent data volumes. This makes it easier for IT administrators and application developers to more quickly return to a prior state.
  • OpenShift APIs for Data Protection to correctly restore data and applications that run in container pods. Backup tools need cluster resource context so that when applications are restored, they are able to find the namespaces associated with their persistent data.The OpenShift APIs for Data Protection operator enables Red Hat’s business partner ecosystem to more effectively integrate their data protection solutions with OpenShift, providing a more streamlined customer experience.
  • Broad support from an ecosystem of leading backup vendor solutions including Red Hat-certified IBM Spectrum Protect Plus which delivers data resilience for containerized applications running in Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes; TrilioVault for Kubernetes, a Red Hat-certified, Kubernetes-native data protection and disaster recovery solution for Red Hat OpenShift applications; and Kasten K10 by Veeam, a Red Hat-certified, Kubernetes-native data management solution for Red Hat OpenShift applications across hybrid cloud environments.

“As businesses look to OpenShift for their cloud-native applications and data needs, data resilience is one of the key challenges that Red Hat helps to address for them with the latest release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage,” said Ashesh Badani, senior vice president, cloud platforms, Red Hat. “With our support of CSI-enabled snapshots and OpenShift API for Data Protection, Red Hat is enabling customers to natively achieve data resilience without having to replace their existing data protection infrastructure.”

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