Red Hat Launches Self-Service Portal

Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source platforms, said it has begun shipping a new version of its portal technology designed to help accelerate self-service application development, while integrating with popular social media websites and mobile capabilities. JBoss Portal 6.1 offers a number of features and capabilities to help enterprises build innovative customer experiences, including integration with Facebook, Google+, and Twitter; providing users the ability to log in using their third-party credentials; and to share information and updates between the portal application and the social media website.

“Lean portal technologies like JBoss Portal provide many great advantages for organizations looking to deploy or revitalize their customer-facing applications,” said Craig Muzilla, vice president and general manager of middleware at Red Hat. They offer a high degree of flexibility to customize a unique solution, with straightforward integration that helps extract new value from existing systems as well as stability and performance at enterprise scale.”

The new offering offers device detection rules that can be set by administrators to automatically redirect users to a mobile-friendly version of the website. In addition, an adaptive user interface enables JBoss Portal to render the appropriate layout for each page using mobile-optimized HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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