Red Lambda Provides Early Release of Big Data Platform

Red Lambda, Inc., a data management software company, announced an Early Release Program for MetaGrid, security and operational intelligence software powered by the company's AppIron Grid Platform. MetaGrid is designed to address the big data dichotomy faced by providers of IT, network and cloud infrastructures that generate up to petabytes per day of operational data. Red Lambda claims it is the first to combine leading-edge big data technologies to create a software platform designed to keep pace with the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of IT operational data and find the threats and opportunities buried within it.

"Security, as is most aspects of IT operations, has been a big data problem for years," says Robert Bird, founder and CTO for Red Lambda. "AppIron and MetaGrid fuse massively scalable grid computing, relational stream processing, and breakthrough artificial intelligence into a single, cohesive solution that transcends the capabilities of conventional approaches and delivers true situational awareness."

MetaGrid is designed to unify operational silos and situational awareness, visualize and analyze network security and operational anomalies, and automate IT operations.

More information about Red Lambda is available here.