RedPoint Global Enhances Data Management to Maximize Customer Engagement

RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, is rolling out the 8.0 release of RedPoint Data Management within the RedPoint Customer Data Platform.

With RedPoint Data Management 8.0, the company says, organizations can gather large amounts of data from an ever-growing number of touchpoints to create a unified customer profile. 

According to RedPoint Global CEO Dale Renner, the linear customer journey is dead—replaced with a journey of often fragmented experiences that can only be managed with a combination of proper data discovery, management, and orchestration. Brands that do not compete on the basis of delivering superior customer experiences, he notes, “will not fare well in this age of real-time expectations."

Using the new release customers can collect, cleanseand transform data from structured and unstructured sources, executed both on premise and in the cloud—creating a flexible and open platform for building a complete view of a customer.

Key RedPoint Data Management 8.0 features include RESTful Web Services capabilities, which provide the to support pervasive customer data and data quality projects; universal support for cloud platforms, environments, and databases, to deliver performance and connectivity in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid environment; and the ability to handle more enterprise systems with CRM and back-office native connections as well as data warehouse performance improvements.

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