RedPoint Global Platforms Now Available on Azure Marketplace

RedPoint Global’s two platforms, Interaction and Data Management, are now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving data-driven marketers access to RedPoint’s data and campaign management tools on the cloud for the first time.

Cloud deployment will offer RedPoint another way to deliver its robust technology aside from using SaaS and on-premises deployment. Azure offers users easy access to more flexible compute power than ever before.

The RedPoint Interaction platform is a cross-channel campaign management platform, giving users a central point of control while developing marketing initiatives and connecting them to synchronization tools.

RedPoint’s Data Management solution is designed to integrate, cleanse and transform traditional or big data from any source necessary to gain accurate insights. With its drag-and-drop interface, RedPoint Data Management users can load any data source into Hadoop, cleanse data for consistent formats and standardization, integrate and transform data using probabilistic and heuristic matching rules, and “take the work to the data” in order to execute complex workloads in the Hadoop cluster, according to RedPoint.

This availability on Azure will allow RedPoint’s solutions to provide customers with a complete range of deployment options for their products. Additionally, this will allow RedPoint to “rent”  its software for however long a customer needs to utilize it.

“We want to go into this cloud world with our software and we’re changing the paradigm of the way people even buy software and the way they do their processing of their data,” said Dale Renner, CEO and founder of RedPoint. “What we’re doing is basically allowing our clients to very rapidly deploy solutions where they don’t even have to buy all the software.”

Both big enterprises and small start-ups will benefit from RedPoint’s unique applications inside an elastic environment, Renner said. “It’s going to level the playing field for people,” Renner said. “The have-nots are going to become the haves. This is next generation customer engagement, data management and this is basically setting the table so that a lot of people get to participate and a lot of people can focus on their core strategies.”

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