RedPoint Launches Customer Engagement Hub Platform

RedPoint Global, a provider of data management and customer engagement technology, is introducing the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) solution, providing enterprises with tools to overcome challenges caused by the gap between customer expectations and the actual experience brands deliver.

The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub enables brands to continuously connect with customers in a relevant way and deliver the promise of the brand across all touchpoints.

RedPoint’s hub optimizes customer engagement by providing intelligent and timely orchestration of customer interactions underpinned by a dynamic, unified customer profile, along with the most flexible and scalable real-time decisioning capability available in the market.

 “In today’s world, customer journeys are no longer linear in nature, as customers now desire dynamic, continuous, and real-time engagement. In response, brands often fall short of presenting themselves ubiquitously and with relevance at every touchpoint,” said Dale Renner, CEO of RedPoint. “Brands with unified customer profiles and effective cross-touchpoint engagement will outperform competitors, which is where the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub – underpinned with our customer data platform – will become the new standard in the modern enterprise.”

RedPoint’s Customer Engagement Hub is architected to support an open ecosystem approach, allowing enterprises to leverage legacy and new technologies while reducing the friction across these systems. The hub’s key capabilities include connected Data, in-line analytics, and orchestration.

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