Redgate Introduces Flyway Enterprise, the Latest Version of the Open Source Migration Tool

Redgate, the provider behind database DevOps solutions and developer tools, is unveiling Flyway Enterprise, an enhanced iteration of the Flyway tool to accommodate organizations and their efforts toward standardizing and automating database deployment throughout their teams and technologies. A development process that has been in the making since Flyway’s acquisition in 2019, Redgate has elaborated upon the original format to further improve developer workflows.

Since Flyway’s beginnings as an open source migration tool under Redgate management, the enterprise has retained the community version of Flyway while also building upon its paid version, Flyway Teams. The Enterprise edition of the solution expands the vision for Flyway even further, empowering secure and automated processes complemented with compliance control for the ability to develop, test, and deploy database alterations.

Flyway Enterprise’s creation was prompted by the significant rise in data source type, variety, and quantity. Storing those data sources, its volume, and the needs surrounding data collection and query that vary among organizations signified a need for an adaptive tool to alleviate the pressures of DevOps juggling multiple database systems. Microservice architectures introduced a similar point of change, as now databases can be paired to the microservice as opposed to operating a single database to support the data and access. 

Through Flyway Enterprise, Redgate aimed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of database deployments across database technologies by enabling flexible development practices, mitigating risk in terms of data loss and breaches, and allowing integration with existing tech stacks.

Head of product management at Redgate, David Bick, stated that, “our aim was to help enterprises simplify, standardize, and automate their database development processes while also continuing our ongoing support for Community and Team users.”

Among the latest features incorporated into Flyway Enterprise include:

  • Database versioning, testing, and automation paired with rapid provisioning of database copies for development processes
  • Command line in Flyway running natively on MacOS, Linux, and Windows
  • Integration capability with build tools like Maven or Gradle, package managers, release management tools, and IDEs
  • Controlling database objects and generation of migrations for greater control over how database changes are deployed through the Flyway Desktop UI

“Our ambition is to make Flyway Enterprise work for every business or organization, no matter which databases they’re using, whether they’re deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and on whatever OS their developers prefer,” said Bick. “One set of tools they can standardize on, regardless of the variety of the platforms they’re working with.”

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