Redgate Software Introduces New Database Provisioning Tool

Redgate Software has released a new database provisioning tool, SQL Clone, which allows copies of SQL Server databases and backups to be created in seconds, using only about 40MB of disk space per instance.

According to the vendor, the release aims to resolve two key concerns that DBAs face when provisioning copies of databases or backups for use in test and development environments.

One is that it can take hours to duplicate a large database, and the other is the disk space issue since multiple copies of databases or backups have to be stored and the average database is now often 1TB or greater in size.

SQL Clone aims to alleviate the time and size problems by creating a single data image of a live SQL Server database or backup. This is then used as the source data for clones, which can be provisioned in seconds and, even for a 1TB database, are only around 40MB in size.

Essentially, the company says, clones work like normal databases and can be connected to and edited using any program, meaning that developers often don’t even notice the difference. They can work locally on up-to-date, isolated copies of the database to speed up development, testing, and fixing issues.

For DBAs, the release marks a significant shift in the way they work as well. Rather than manually provisioning databases, SQL Clone’s web app provides a central user interface to create and manage clones, and access can be administered easily.

SQL Clone is the most significant software release from Redgate in a long time, said Simon Galbraith, Redgate CEO, noting that it has deliberately been positioned as a mass market tool to enable its use by a broad swath of customers.

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