Redgate Software Releases an Enhanced Version of its SQL Monitoring Tool

Redgate Software is launching a new version of its SQL Server monitoring tool to enable accelerated analysis of SQL Server problems.

The platform, SQL Monitor, is a web based SQL Server alerting and diagnosis tool. Version 6 introduces a new interactive interface that will help users in not only identifying problems, but establishing why the problem occurred and providing guidance on how to fix it.

SQL Monitor V6 allows the user to drill down to the exact point in time and issue happened and shows exactly what was going on and why.

Key performance metrics such as waits, CPU, memory and I/O are displayed within an interactive display that lets users pinpoint specific unusual events and then focus their investigations around that point in time.

Another feature introduced in Version 6 is the ability to view the query execution plan directly in SQL Monitor.

“SQL Monitor 6 continues Redgate’s mantra of helping DBAs to do their jobs more effectively through easy to use tools that deliver measurable improvements to the overall business,” said Matt Hilbert of Redgate Software.  “It also shows the company’s ongoing commitment to the SQL market by introducing new ways of improving SQL performance through better troubleshooting and automation.”

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