Redgate Software Upgrades its SQL Monitor for Automated Database Deployments

As priorities shift and companies deploy database changes weekly or more frequently, Redgate Software is releasing a new SQL Monitor that ensures that DevOps teams can monitor and track deployments at all times.

“We know that companies are adopting automated processes to help keep up with the pace of innovation, which is why the new SQL Monitor release enables them to deploy changes efficiently and find the root cause of a problem fast before users are ever affected,” said Kendra Little, DevOps advocate for Redgate Software.

Redgate first recognized issues arising in 2019, when the percentage of companies planning to automate database deployments within a year increased to 52% compared to 45% in the 2018 report. T

his indicated that more than half the users of Redgate’s own monitoring solution would need a way of tracking deployments, regardless of which automation tool they used.

In response, the latest version of Redgate’s SQL Monitor offers a new PowerShell API so that deployments from any third-party automation tool like TeamCity, Bamboo, or Octopus Deploy can appear as annotations on the timeline graph for the server.

Users can easily gauge whether their deployments have had any adverse effect, and drill down in seconds to the precise cause.

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