Redgate Strengthens Data Masking Capabilities

Redgate is releasing another update for its Data Masker for SQL Server tool, making it much easier for users to identify the best data masking rules to fit their needs.

Alongside the 15 updates that were released in 2018, it’s part of the development team’s goal to ensure the tool ties in as closely as possible with customer requirements and workflows.

The rise in the adoption of data masking, however, brings challenges because the use-cases and requirements vary by sector, by organization and company size, and by the type of data that needs to be masked.

As a result, the Redgate development team behind Data Masker for SQL Server is constantly looking at how the tool can be improved for its many different users.

Recent releases of the tool have addressed everything from enhancements to user-defined datasets to masking JSON data, and from adding datasets for NHS numbers to providing information on how masking rules are supposed to be used.

“Data masking has moved from a specialist requirement to an everyday one, and as more and more companies and organizations are obliged to adopt it, so we need to make sure our solution can help them,” said James Murtagh, Redgate product marketing manager.

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