Redis Labs Delivers Multi-Model Database on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, has announced that Redis Enterprise is now available for Intel Optane DC persistent memory across multiple cloud services or as downloadable software for supported hardware from companies participating in Intel’s hardware beta program.

Redis Enterprise gives developers the flexibility to choose between the two modes of operation offered by Intel Optane DC persistent memory: Memory Mode and AppDirect. According to Redis Labs, the combination of Redis Enterprise and Intel Optane DC persistent memory enables customers to scale to multi-terabytes of data less expensively than alternative solutions, and Redis Enterprise’s multi-model capabilities which encompass core data-structures (including the new Redis Streams) and modules (ReJSON, RedisGraph, and RediSearch) perform at a sub-millisecond response time for any operation with persistent memory. Additionally, Redis Enterprise can be deployed in an active-active (CRDT-based) manner across geo-regions, while keeping a similar cost structure of much slower databases.

“We’ve worked closely with Intel’s engineering teams to address real-world challenges we see across more than 750,000 Redis Enterprise databases under our management,” said Yiftach Shoolman, co-founder and CTO at Redis Labs. “Traditionally, Redis users have split their dataset across multiple databases to avoid the relatively high deployment cost associated with high memory (DRAM) capacity servers. Redis Enterprise in combination with Intel Optane DC persistent memory allows developers to simplify their database deployment by keeping the entire dataset in a single multi-model database—Redis—and keep the cost structure similar to disk-based databases, while enjoying sub-millisecond response time at any scale for simple and complex use cases.”

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