Redis Labs Extends Cloud Strategy

Redis Labs is extending its cloud strategy to on-prem, private and hybrid, allowing enterprises to install an enterprise-grade cluster that acts as a container for managing and running multiple Redis databases.

“We deliver very complex functionality, we can scale Redis without any downtime,” said Leena Joshi, vice president of product marketing at Redis Labs.

The Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) is downloadable software that extends open source Redis with enterprise-class high availability, real-time auto-failover, stable high performance, and automated linear scaling. The platform delivers tangible operational benefits of high performance at lower costs through automated scaling, clustering, multi-zone high availability, auto-failover, continuous monitoring and 24/7 support. With RLEC, developers can deploy enterprise grade Redis clusters on either their company’s own infrastructure, on RAM, on Flash memory used as a RAM extender, or as a remotely managed service.

Several companies have already begun using RLEC. “With RLEC, we can enjoy the benefits of high performance and highly scalable Redis, without having to worry about high availability,” said Brandon Ragan, lead systems engineer at Motley Fool. “Auto-failover and seamless clustering were the main reasons we chose RLEC – and the expertise provided by the Redis Labs team is a huge bonus.”

Motley Fool uses Redis to cater to the millions of users who depend on the company for financial advice. The company uses RLEC to enterprise-ready Redis without having to re-build their existing systems. “They chose us primarily in order to help them scale seamlessly so they get the benefits of high availability without sacrificing performance and development time,” Joshi said.

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