Redis Labs Offers New Search Module for Full-Text Searches

Redis Labs, the home of Redis, is introducing a new search module that will enable users to complete full-text searches.

RediSearch is now available at the Redis Module Hub and is benchmarked to be up to five times faster than specialized search software like ElasticSearch and Solr, according to Redis.

The Redis Modules API, announced in May at RedisConf 2016, provides a new way to extend Redis to a wide variety of use cases and implementation models.

The new RediSearch module implements a search engine on top of Redis with inverted indexes stored on top of Redis strings using the module’s DMA method.

RediSearch includes expansive pre-built functionality such as document and field scoring, numeric filtering of results and by specific properties, exact phrase match, query expansion using stemming, and auto-suggestions to increase efficiency and implement search. RediSearch can be used to search documents stored in Redis or in any other database.

People who have a lot of data in Redis and have often wanted to search it using full-text search along with people who have a plethora of data in general who want to search data with something that is very high performance will benefit the most from this, according to Leena Joshi vice president of product marketing at Redis Labs..

“The data need not reside in Redis, it can be in any third party database and they’ll still be able to use the full-text search engine module to search that data,” Joshi said.

The company plans to introduce several new and creative Modules in the future, Joshi noted.

“Redis has always supported a number of use cases including search and Modules is a great way to package up any new functionality and add it to Redis,” Joshi said.

In addition to this new Module, Redis Labs also announced the first-ever Redis Module Global Hackathon.

The Hackathon aims to bring together the best minds in the community to pioneer the development of novel Redis modules and solve complex data problems in groundbreaking ways.

The Redis Module Global Hackathon registration is now open and the submissions will conclude on November 12th.

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