Redis on Flash Benefits Data Center Managers

Redis Labs, home of Redis, is releasing Redis on flash with standard x86 servers on the cloud along with partnering with Samsung to improve database performance.

This includes standard SATA-based SSD instances available on public clouds and more advanced NVMe-based SSDs like the Samsung PM1725.

The Redis on Flash offering is optimized to run Redis with flash memory used as a RAM extender.

By running a combination of Redis on flash and DRAM, datacenter managers will benefit from leveraging the high throughput and low latency characteristics of Redis while achieving substantial cost savings, according to the company.

To put this new option into action, Redis Labs collaborated with Samsung to demonstrate 2 million ops/second with sub-millisecond latency and over 1GB disk bandwidth on a single standard Dell Xeon Server, placing 80% of the dataset on the NVMe SSD technology and only 20% of it on DRAM.

“We are happy to contribute to a new solution for our customers, one that shows a 40X improvement in throughput at sub-millisecond latencies compared to standard SATA-based SSDs,” stated Mike Williams, vice president, product planning, Samsung Device Solutions Americas. “This solution – using our next generation NVMe SSD technology and Redis in-memory processing – can play a key role in the advancement of high performance computing technology for the analysis of extremely large datasets.”

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