Redis on Flash and Intel's NVMe-Based SSDs Achieve Record-Breaking Database Performance

Redis Labs and Intel announced they have collaboratively benchmarked a throughput of 3 million database operations/second at under 1 millisecond of latency, while generating over 1GB NVMe throughput, on a single server with Redis on Flash and Intel NVMe-based SSDs.

According to Yiftach Shoolman, co-founder and CTO at Redis Labs, this benchmark showcases the high-performance at lower costs achievable with newer memory technologies and Redis Labs.  The point, he said, is that in a world where extracting insights from data rapidly is increasingly critical, the combination Redis on Flash and Intel NVMe-based SSDs gives modern enterprises a solution for their mission-critical applications.

Redis on Flash allows Redis to run optimally with Flash memory used as a RAM extender.By combining Redis on Flash and Intel NVMe-based SSDs, users get the power of Redis with the cost-effective high performance of Flash memory which delivers memory-like performance, at one-tenth the cost of DRAM, the vendors say.

Full details are included in the full Intel benchmark report.

Redis on Flash is available in Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) and Redis Cloud Private Flash (RCP Flash).