RedisJSON 2.0 Reimagines the Document Database to Create Dynamic Digital Experiences

Redis, the real-time data platform, is releasing RedisJSON 2.0, enabling customers to easily modernize existing applications and create entirely new digital experiences requiring real-time access and processing of JSON document files.

According to the company, this new version now comes with native indexing, querying, and full-text search capabilities, powered by RediSearch, reducing complexity for developers and all coming at the speed of Redis.

Other new capabilities include:

  • Support for atomic sub-element updates. Uses JSON Data Interchange Format (ECMA 404) as a native data type and performs atomic operations on sub-elements in-memory to increase developer productivity and improve an application’s overall response times.
  • Synchronous indexing. RediSearch indexes synchronously, meaning, once an index is created, every write or update operation can be immediately seen in the next query or search operation.
  • Familiar developer experience. Fully supported by the most popular Redis client libraries for languages (JavaScript, Python, Java, and C#) and platforms (Spring, ASP.NET, Node.js, and DJango). Additionally, the official developer GUI for Redis, RedisInsight, includes onboarding guides for users to get started with the new RedisJSON.
  • Designed for the real-time economy. With the performance of Redis, these capabilities are ideal for a wide range of real-time use cases. These range from storing and updating an entire retail product catalog; to being a central repository for shopper, merchant, and retail profiles required for fraud detection, matching riders/orders for transportation and delivery apps, and much more.

“We’ve reimagined RedisJSON, so companies no longer have to choose between rigid schemas of legacy relational databases and poor performing, disk-based document stores. RedisJSON now offers a powerful in-memory document store with native indexing, querying, and full-text search—all at the speed of Redis—to address all traditional content, catalog, and profile management use cases for a modern document database,” said Yiftach Shoolman, co-founder and CTO at Redis.

RedisJSON 2.0 is source available software, deployable on Redis Enterprise Cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud), Redis Enterprise Software (across all supported virtual machine and Kubernetes deployment options).

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