Release 38 of MANTA Equips its Data Lineage Capabilities with Increased Visibility

MANTA, the data lineage platform, is launching Release 38, an enhancement to its visualization techniques and scanner capabilities to deliver actionable insights for a variety of industries. The enterprise is also introducing MANTA Alias, a new tool for streamlined component naming to improve the simplicity of repositories.

“MANTA’s dedication to providing the most comprehensive data lineage solution is reflected by our engineering team’s continued product innovation,” said Ernie Ostic, SVP of product at MANTA. “With Release 38, MANTA users have access to new and improved lineage capabilities for further visibility into data environments and access to the highest quality data to inform business decisions that fuel company growth.”

Release 38 is composed of new scanners for popular cloud-based data integration tools, Fivetran and Azure Data Factory, enabling a larger scope of visualization for data flows. Existing data lineage scanners also see improvements, including support for over two dozen operators and functions with Snowflake, API connectivity support for Alation integration for Alation Refresh Tokens, and additional support for interactive data visualizations with paginated reports for Power BI.

“Our customers are always experimenting with new technologies and want to ensure they can continue to reap the benefits of their lineage solution,” said Tomas Kratky, CEO and founder of MANTA. “With MANTA’s ever-growing list of supported scanners and continued product enhancements, we make sure our customers have access to the most comprehensive and highest-performing automated lineage solution.”

MANTA Alias, the latest tool offering from Release 38, will allow users to rename components within their repository tree, replacing contrived and overly complex technical names with individually recognizable ones for the user.

“MANTA Alias allows users to view metadata in a way that is more easily understood and appropriate for their needs,” said Kratky. “For example, risk analysts will quickly find answers to their important lineage questions by looking for their ‘Commercial Loan Exposure’ report, rather than a report called ‘CLE_2022.’”

Looking toward the future, MANTA will focus on metadata, the north star for enabling more efficient data management, according to the vendor. MANTA will continue to deliver more high-quality scanning, while also focusing on metadata activation and notification. Designed to help organizations navigate increasingly complex data systems, MANTA will also continue to enhance data pipelines visualizations and data flow map building for data-driven business decisions, according to the vendor.

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