Release of Versant JPA Reduces Risk in Big Data

Versant Corporation, a data management software vendor, has announced the general availability of Versant JPA, a Java-based API supporting high-performance database and analytics operations for big data applications. The release, which is compliant with the latest JPA specifications, reduces the cost and risks of migration to other NoSQL technologies, and features the first zero application downtime solution for schema changes, a Java standards-based analytics framework, and compliance with JBoss Application Server.

With Versant JPA, developers can now use existing coding skills to manage and execute complex operations on big data sets with speed and scale. Versant offers organizations “Reduced risk and the ability to rely on a vendor that they know has a really mission critical technology,” Robert Greene, Versant vice president, technology, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Organizations are able to address big data challenges without the risks of having to learn proprietary NoSQL programming languages. “They don’t have to train anyone, everybody already knows how to use the technology,” Greene adds.

Versant’s Application Evolution  is a feature that delivers zero application downtime during schema modifications, enabling organizations to change application data models without interfering with customer experience. Versant JPA comes standard with an Eclipse IDE plugin for easy code development and is compliant with JBoss Application Server, providing protection against vendor lock-in and future upgrade issues. “We're a leading vendor to help bring standards to the this kind of technology, help reduce risk and, at the same time, are very in-tune with the features necessary to help enterprises with the big data challenge that’s in front of them,” Greene explains.

The Versant JPA server and SDK can be downloaded at