ReleaseOwl Gives SAP Customers Infrastructure Monitoring Capabilities

ReleaseOwl, a native DevOps platform for SAP applications built on-premise and cloud, is extending its capabilities into the infrastructure monitoring space with its ReleaseOwl Infrastructure Monitor for SAP Solutions.

The Infrastructure Monitor platform is an SAP native monitoring solution (bundled along with the ReleaseOwl DevOps Platform) which SAP customers can use to monitor their HANA infrastructure of critical applications and business processes hosted on Azure or AWS.

With Infrastructure Monitor for SAP Solutions, users can collect telemetry data from Azure / AWS infrastructure and databases correlate telemetry data for faster troubleshooting.

As of this release, the support is for SAP HANA with the following telemetry :

  • CPU, memory, disk, and network use
  • HANA backup
  • HANA host status
  • Top tables
  • File system use

ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps Platform that has well defined DevOps workflows for SAP Applications built on ECC, S/4 HANA, SAP Business Technology Platform ( BTP ), CPI and XSA Applications.

Features of ReleaseOwl include:

  • CICD for SAP On-Premise: Automated packaging and deployment of Transports, Transport Impact Analysis, Transport Retrofit and conflict resolution.
  • CI-CD for SAP BTP: Automated Packaging and deployment of MTAR Applications, support for ABAP cloud with GCTS.
  • Unit Testing and Code Coverage for ABAP.
  • Compliance and Code Quality Checks with SonarQube, ABAP Test Cockpit ( ATC ) , CPILINT.
  • Bi-Direction Integration and Sync with Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Orchestrated Release Management with the Approval process and Task Assignment.
  • SAP HANA Monitoring.
  • Audit of Subaccounts and Traceability.

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