Reltio Announces Upcoming Release of Cloud 2017.1

Reltio has announced the upcoming release of Reltio Cloud 2017.1, a new release of the company’s platform that provides applications and data management. The new PaaS release adds new integration, collaboration, and globalization capabilities at scale, to help enable real-time operational execution and analytical insight for frontline business users.

According to the vendor, Reltio Cloud 2017.1 is now in preview, and being used for enterprise-wide digital transformation business initiatives, which includes powering mission-critical, real-time operational applications, enabling cross-functional business initiatives. Unlike legacy systems that have a distinction between batch and real-time modes, the company says, Reltio’s APIs and microservices are completely real-time, ensuring that data is available as soon as the user needs it.

With the new Reltio Cloud 2017.1 release and expanded partnership with SnapLogic embeds SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud into Reltio Cloud. This gives companies who do not have a data integration tool a simplified and easier way to load and synchronize data to and from Reltio, accelerating time-to-value. The Reltio SnapLogic connector is currently available to early access customers.

In addition, a new Dun & Bradstreet partnership allows companies to power the next generation of account relationship management solutions. The combination of Reltio Cloud technology and Dun & Bradstreet data delivers a complete 360-degree view of accounts through reliable, relevant and personalized hierarchy and relationship information across people, products, and places to improve sales effectiveness and customer engagement.

Out-of-the-box data as a service integration with Dun & Bradstreet enables organizations to enrich account data, and create multiple operational account hierarchies, contextual to specific business needs. The Reltio Dun & Bradstreet connector is currently available to early access customers.

The new release also provides new global enablement capabilities for multi-country implementations with multi-dependent configurable lookups, which allow easy configuration of dependent lookups based on multiple attributes, and dynamic operational values, which can be configured based on end-user profiles of different countries (e.g. GBR, USA), and from different departments (e.g. sales, marketing), with the ability to specify more granular personal preferences if needed.

And finally, Reltio Cloud 2017.1 includes enhanced workflow and task management workflow as an integral part of the core platform. A new personalized portal, with desktop and mobile form a factors, helps improve the efficiency and productivity of all teams with capabilities including managing assigned tasks, simple reassignment of tasks within and across teams, identification and alerts to overdue tasks, and more.

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