Reltio Announces the Reltio Connected Data Platform Integrates with Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Reltio, a cloud-native, SaaS Master Data Management (MDM) enterprise, is announcing the launch of the Reltio Connected Data Platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, integrating Reltio streamlined deployment and management properties with the advantages of the Azure cloud platform. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store which offers cloud applications and services for use on Azure, which assures Reltio customers that the integration will yield the trust associated with industry giants in the market.

“Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets customers worldwide discover, try, and deploy software solutions that are certified and optimized to run on Azure,” said Jake Zborowski, general manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “Azure Marketplace helps solutions like Reltio Connected Data Platform reach more customers and markets.”

Integration with Reltio and Azure ushers in an era of modernization for Reltio, where the enterprise will see distribution on all three major cloud platforms, despite its initial release a decade ago, according to the vendor. With Reltio, businesses integrated with the Azure ecosystem who continue to migrate legacy MDM to cloud-based data management will be provided with clean, connected data via the Reltio Connected Data Platform’s advanced streamlining capabilities. This data will be available in near real-time with no need to adjust their current corporate IT or cloud methods, according to the vendor.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform aims to avoid low-quality data or data silos and streamline trusted data sourcing for increased accuracy and improved enterprise opportunity. With the platform, users will be able to break down data trapped in archaic silos, ultimately eradicating the use of data apps that are unconcerned with data quality or management.

“At Reltio, we believe your business will deliver better outcomes with clean, easily consumed, real time data. Reltio has been cloud native from the start–we’re making it even easier for our customers migrating to the cloud, by expanding our offering via Microsoft Azure,” said Manish Sood, founder and CTO at Reltio. "Reltio uniquely brings the power of big data, machine learning, and connected graph technology to unlock the value of data to help deliver on business outcomes.”

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